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Our Mission: To take the wishes of the people of the community and partner with funding agencies to bring forth improvements that foster quality of life and health equity for all.
Who are we?
The Community Voice strives to bring programs to the area that will provide a health equity to everyone. Health Equity should allow all Coloradans to have fair and equal opportunities to lead healthy, productive lives regardless of race, ethnicity, income, or where we live.

The Colorado Trust is focusing grants on achieving health equity by addressing health disparities, health care inequities, and social determinants of health. The Colorado Trust has long been concerned that not all voices are being heard on these issues. The goal of The Community Voice and The Colorado Trust is to talk to as many residents as possible and learn as much as possible, and to partner together to end inequalities that affect racial, ethnic, low-income and other vulnerable populations, so that everyone has fair and equal opportunities to achieve good health and quality of living through improving social determinants of health. Social determinants include where we live, the education we receive, the work we do, the wages we earn, and the opportunity to make decisions that affect our own and our family’s health.

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